Greetings, my name is Ronn

I am a photographer specializing in Weddings, Engagement, Headshots/Glamour and Fashion/Runway. I am based in NYC but can travel anywhere.

I started photographer a few years ago. I was working many hours and stressed out. A friend had suggested for  me to try it photography. He told me that it helped with the stress he faced and also  because it was a great way to meet beautiful girls. I was reluctant but then decided to at least give it a try. Once I did I never looked back. My only regret was not starting earlier. When I went on my first shoot and saw the images I produced I started to understand what photography was all about. We capture beauty at a particular moment in time. It is only remembered via a photograph.


My brand name has Latin origins. Basically it mean Remembering Time. Every moment only happens once as time is always changing. The best way for us to remember time is to take a photo or video. This is basically what I do. I am a photographer and I am tasked with capturing/immortalizing beautiful moments in time.


Let me immortalize your special moments, be it a Wedding, engagement, or maternity.